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Product family information

Many local authorities today have an outdated public lighting installation that urgently needs to be replaced, yet have only a limited budget available. We have the answer to their needs. With its compact design and modern LED architecture, LumiStreet is a versatile, cost-effective luminaire that fulfils basic functional road lighting requirements. It is made of high-quality components that ensure long lifetime and low maintenance cost. The result? A road lighting luminaire that provides effective illumination while at the same time cutting energy and maintenance bills.Core version design for high-volume projects at relatively low initial budget. Offer limited range of optics.Performer version design for customer who are preparing big renovation projects, TCO oriented.
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910925864076 BGS212 ECO41/740 II 48/60A 32W 4100lm L80B10 100kh Lumistreet tänavavalgusti Philips tk150.00 180.00
910925864077 BGS212 ECO59/740 II 48/60A 48W 5900lm L80B10 100kh Lumistreet tänavavalgusti Philipstk159.00 190.80
910925864078 BGS212 ECO82/740 II 48/60A 65W 8200lm L80B10 100kh Lumistreet tänavavalgusti Philipstl167.00 200.40