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LED Power Driver 240W 24VDC 120-240V

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LED Power Driver 240W 24VDC 120-240V
Product description
Philips Constant Voltage LED Power drivers are designed to operate 24VDC LED solutions used in applications such as refrigerated display lighting, retail display lighting and linear accent lighting. They are specifically designed to ensure the highest performance with maximum robustness combined with a long lifetime.

• SELV operating voltages, ensuring safety even if wiring or LED boards become damaged
• Energy savings through high efficiency
• Ultimate robustness, offering peace of mind and lower maintenance costs
• Easy to design-in and install
• Long lifetime
• Best EMC performance Features
• Built-in use for Insulation Class
• I and II applications
• Metal housing with encapsulated flying leads
• Global approbations and certifications
• Stable output voltage
• Wide ambient temperature range
• Overtemperature and overpower protection
• Output short-circuit shutdown feature with automatic restart

• Coolers and freezers
• Shelf lighting
• Cove lighting
• Facade accent lighting 
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