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HDR family features step shape plastic housing, accepts 85~264VAC input (277VAC available) and provides complete models (5V/12V/15V/24V/48V). Moreover, HDR family specially adopts the European Union standard DIN EN43880 and slim design that the height are all 90mm and the width are only 1SU~4SU (17.5mm/35mm/52.5mm/70mm) respectively, and further with low no load power consumption (<0.3W), high working efficiency (up to 91%), adjustable DC output voltage, wide working temperature range (-30~+70℃) characteristics. HDR whole family is Class II isolation level, passing LPS (Limited Power Source), conforming to EN61000-3-2 Class A (the norm the European Union regulates for harmonic current), and complying with complete safety regulations (UL60950-1, UL508, and EN61558-2-16). HDR family will become the first choice in building automation, household control system, industrial control system and the electro-mechanical apparatuses due to its supreme features, complete models and safety regulations with the competitive prices!
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HDR-15-12LaoseisToiteplokk DIN-latile,sisend 85-264 VAC ,väljund 10,8-13,8 VDC 1,25A 15W,LED MeanWell 15.33 18.40
HDR-15-24LaoseisHDR-15-24 Toiteplokk DIN-latile(1mood)100-240VAC/24VDC-0,63A MeanWell 17.22 20.66
HDR-30-12LaoseisToiteplokk DIN-latile,sisend 85-264 VAC ,väljund 10,8-13,8 VDC 2A 30W,LED MeanWell 18.83 22.60
HDR-30-24LaoseisHDR-30-24 Toiteplokk DIN-latile(2mood)85-264VAC/21,6...29VDC-1,5A MeanWell 17.92 21.50
HDR-60-12LaoseisToiteplokk DIN-latile,sisend 85-264 VAC ,väljund 10,8-13,8 VDC 4,5A 60W,LED MeanWell 25.54 30.65