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Universal AC input / Full range
Built-in active PFC and over temp. protection (MDR-100)
Class I, Div 2 Hazardous Locations T4(MDR-40/60)
Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage
Built-in constant current limiting circuit (MDR-20~100)
Cooling by free air convection
Working temperature: -20~+70C by models
Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35 / 7.5 or 15
No load power consumption <0.75W (<1W for MDR-100)
DC OK signal output (MDR-10/20);
DC OK relay contact (MDR-40/60/100)
DC output voltage adjustable (MDR-20~100)
LED indicator for power on
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MDR 10-24LaoseisMDR10-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile 230/24VDC-0,42A MeanWell 22.38 26.86
MDR 100-12LaoseisMDR100-12 Stabiliseeritud Toiteplokk DIN-latile 230/12VDC 7,5A MeanWell 49.79 59.75
MDR 20-24LaoseisMDR20-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile 230/24VDC-1A MeanWell 20.89 25.07
MDR 40-24LaoseisMDR40-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile 230/24VDC-1,7A MeanWell 29.61 35.53
MDR 60-24LaoseisMDR60-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile 230/24VDC-2,5A MeanWell 31.59 37.91
MDR100-24LaoseisMDR100-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile 230/24VDC-4A MeanWell 58.72 70.46