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Emozione Emozione
LED downlight with recessed lamp position, made of aluminum in white
or black. Equipped with an 24°, 30° or 38° aluminum reflector and 9W
Bridgelux LED or dim to warm LED 6W. Driver must be ordered
separately. IP43.
codedescription  priceprice+VAT
260B09038LaoseisEmozione 720Lm/930 9W 38° white IP43 - 45° cut-out 97x97mm, height 99mm, 500mA Karizma Luce 36.0030.60 -15%36.72
260B09138LaoseisEmozione 720Lm/930 9W 38° black IP43 45° cut-out 97x97mm, height 99mm 500mA 18,4VDC valgusti Karizma 38.0032.30 -15%38.76