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Full light power. Extra wide. The new XLED PRO Wide floodlight. Lighting precision in wide format. Developed by STEINEL, the lens matrix and the fully swivelling and tilting flat design light head provides perfect illumination over particularly large areas or along buildings. The powerful high-end LEDs create an impressive brightness of 2400 lumens while consuming just 24.8 watts. The integrated basic light LEDs provide orientation and safety with minimal energy consumption. The sensor has an angle of coverage of 240° and a reach of 12 metres. The slave version offered separately can simply be interconnected by cable. If it has to be even brighter, night can be turned into day with the XLED PRO Wide XL version. Delivering 4400 lumens from just 48 watts, this spot light really ought to be called a floodlight. 

Dimensions(w x h x d): 188 x 265 x 126 mm 
Voltage 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz 
Sensor type: Passive infrared 
Output: 24,8W 
Luminous flux: 2400 lm 
Efficiency 97 lm/W 
Light colour 4000 K / SDCM 3 
Colour rendering: Ra ≥ 80 
LED cooling system: Passive Thermo Control 
LED life expectancy: 50,000 h (L70B10 to LM80) 
Detection angle: 240° with sneak-by guard 
Reach: 12 m max. 
Time setting: 5 sec. - 15 min. 
Degree of protection: IP54 
Protection class: I 
Basic light level: 3%, optionally for 10 min, 30 min or all night long 
Sensor/slave interconnection: maximum of 10 floodlights 
Manual override: selectable, 4h 
Material: UV-resistant plastic with aluminium heat sink 
Temperature range: -20°C - +40°C
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XLEDPROWIDEVALGE STEINEL LED-prožektor, Xled Pro WIDE 24,8W(2400 lm), 240°/max.12m, 4000K, IP54 VALGEtk242.883230.739 -5%276.89