DL Vario Quattro LED

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DL Vario Quattro LED
Detects precisely where you want it to. Sensor-switched ceiling light providing reliable 360° all-round detection. Precise definition of the sensor detection zone in four directions thanks to four individually adjustable infrared sensors with a reach from 2 to 8 m. No visible sensor to spoil the design because the light diffuser is also the sensor lens – a patented world first 1000 lm at 10 W. With night-light function (10%). Max. mounting height: 6 m.
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DLVARIOQUATTROLEDHÕBE STEINEL 4 infrapuna sensoriga välisvalgusti 10W(1000lm), 360°, 3000K, 12x12m, 15% öövalgus, IP54 HÕBE tk95.95891.160 -5%109.39