XSolar SOL-O

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XSolar SOL-O
Light for free. The solar light in silver or anthracite illuminates house number without cables or costs – with nothing but energy from the sun. At dusk, light come ON automatically. In this version too, the patented intelligent microprocessor control system and the powerful lithium-iron-phosphate rechargeable batteries provide ensure reliable illumination. 365 days of the year. With night-light function, soft light start and evening light (4 h).
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XSOLARSOL-O STEINEL Xsolar SOL -O numbrivalgusti Nightmatic funktsiooniga, 1,5WLED, 3000K, 2lux, pidev öövalgus 3%, IP44 ANTRATSIITtk83.18379.024 -5%94.83