L 825 iHF

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L 825 iHF
Classic outside. Futuristic inside. iHF sensor invisible and perfect. Some like it classic. This is why we have combined the pioneering technology and unique functionality of the iHF series with timeless design. The result – the L 825 LED iHF – setting off your front door with permanent aesthetic appeal. Needless to say, only when needed: the sensor detects persons approaching from any direction –and can distinguish them from small animals. And it remains completely invisible. With minimal energy consumption and the incredibly long life expectancy of the LEDs, so too are its running costs. 

Sensor-switched downlighter L 825 LED iHF with high-frequency sensor, ideal for building entrances and fronts of buildings. 12 W STEINEL LED lighting system, 400 lm, 160° angle of coverage, reach adjustable from 1-7 m, optional 10 % basic light level, optional 4 h manual override and optional manual override for 4 hours.
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L825LEDiHFANTR STEINEL radarsensoriga välisvalgusti 160° / 2-5m. 2-2000 lux. 5 sec - 5 min, 12W(770lm), IP44 ÄPIGA ANTRATSIIT tk147.642140.260 -5%168.31