DL Vario Quattro PRO LED

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DL Vario Quattro PRO LED
Functional description 
The LED ceiling light with precise detection. The four infrared sensors can be mechanically adjusted to cover any distance from 2 to 8 m. 360° allround detection is ideally suited for optimum adjustment to the local situation, e.g. carports and porches. The light diffuser also acts as the sensor lens - a patented world first. The ceiling light provides 1430 lm of illumination at an output of 14 W and can be mounted at heights of up to 6 m, including a convenient basic light level function (10%) at twilight. The DL Vario Quattro PRO LED can easily connected to the network via cable (up to 10 lights). Available in neutral white (4000 K) and warm white (3000 K) colour temperature
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DLVARIOQUATTROPROLEDHÕBE STEINEL 4 infrapuna sensoriga välisvalgusti 14W(1430lm), +lisalülitus, 360°, 4000K, 12x12m, 15% öövalgus, IP54 HÕBE tk107.050101.698 -5%122.04