L 15

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L 15
Functional description 

We've given a touch of those past times to the L 15 sensor-switched wall light. Nowadays however, outdoor lights only come ON when light is actually needed. The sensor can tell whether anyone's present in the detection zone and automatically switches light ON and OFF again. The light combines cutting-edge technology with classic design and is also extremely energy-efficient. In a nutshell: energy savings, convenience, safety and security. Guess that's everything else but yesterday.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
L15MUST STEINEL sensoriga välisvalgusti 180°,IP44,60W,max.10m,MUSTtk48.73346.297 -5%55.56
L15VALGE STEINEL sensoriga välisvalgusti 180°,IP44,60W,max.10m,VALGEtk48.73346.297 -5%55.56