L 631 LED

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L 631 LED
Functional description 

The L630/L631 LED brings together sophisticated architecture and intelligent lighting in perfect style. The latest LED technology is hidden in the narrow enclosure. A light output of 663 lm provides pleasant outdoor illumination at a power consumption of just 8,2 W. The luminaire is controlled via an integrated infrared mini-sensor, which can be removed easily for configuring. Functions include soft light start, basic light level, night economy mode as well as the Nightmatic function. This aesthetic sensor-switched light is available in silver and anthracite.
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L631LED STEINEL Sensorvalgusti antratsiit 8,2W 663lm 3000K, max 8m, 360° 2-2200lx IP44 ANTRATSIITtk122.358116.240 -5%139.49