StreetSaver gen2

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StreetSaver gen2
In order to comply with EU regulations passed in 2015, municipalities need to replace all mercury-based lamps with lamps that are mercury-free. However, municipalities often have limited budget to handle these huge replacement operations, especially in this period of economic austerity. At the same time, municipal authorities are facing tremendous pressure to save energy and to reduce light pollution of the night sky (many mercury installations have a transparent bowl, sending light everywhere). StreetSaver is an affordable, high-quality solution that enables municipalities to address all these issues by
changing their mercury- based luminaires to LED systems – and importantly, it requires only limited investment.

• Affordable LED post-top solution with good lighting performance
• High product quality and robust design
• Good lifespan thanks to mid-power LED and 4KV surge protection
• Dedicated LED design
• Aluminum housing and polycarbonate flat glass
• Connection directly at the bottom of the pole thanks to its 6 m cable
• Parks and plazas, pedestrian areas
• Commercial plazas, parking areas
• Residential areas
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911401663403BPP008 LED-MP 740 PSU I GR 60P Pargivalgusti Philips tk290.00 348.00
911401663503BPP008 LED-MP 830 PSU I GR 60P pargivalgusti Philipstk290.00 348.00