iH5R 400lm 180m laetav pealamp

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 iH5R 400lm 180m laetav pealamp
Lumens: Power: 400, Low Power: 20
Light Functions: Power, Low Power
Beam Distance (m): Max: 180, Min: 40
Burn Time (h): Max:35, Min: 4
Focus System: Advanced Focus System with speed focus (spot/flood)
Battery: Rechargeable 14500 3.7V, or 2 x standard AA
Charging Time (mins): 150
IPX Rating: 54
Weight: 98g including batteries

In The Box: 1 x 1H5R head torch, 1 x set of rechargeable batteries, magnetic charge system, adhesive helmet mounting kit
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502025 Otsmikulamp iH5R 400lm 180m 35h IP54 LedLenser laetavtk41.58337.425 -10%44.91