VPAC-1527-M233 fiiberoptika

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VPAC-1527-M233 fiiberoptika
VPAC-1527-M233 fiiberoptika VPAC-1527-M233 fiiberoptika
This set is specially suited for lighting small and medium-sized saunas. The recommended sauna size is 3-5 m². The fibres are made of glass and they tolerate temperatures of 180 °C. They can be installed in the sauna ceiling. 

The Led projector has the protection type IP65, and it can be installed inside the sauna, under the benches. The light source of the projector is a 16 W Led, with the colour temperature of 2700 K (warm) and a very high Ra index (90). The projector includes a mains dimmable power supply. 

The complete ready-to-install set includes a projector, bundle of fibres, locking rings and a stove lens. 
The fibre sizes are ø 1 mm (Starlit ceiling fibres), ø 2 mm and the thickest ø 4 mm fibre for the stove. The number and length of fibres are as follows:
15 x 3.0m (Starlit ceiling fibres)
7 x 3.0m
1 x 3.0m (4 mm)
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1516703 VPAC-1527-M233 15x3m@1mm / 7x3m@2mm / 1x3m@4mm sauna fiiberoptika 16W Led projektor IP65 Cariittitk546.000 655.20