VPL10-E161 fiiberoptika

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VPL10-E161 fiiberoptika
The sauna lighting set with a VPL10 1 W Led projector ensures a low energy consumption and a very long lifetime of the products. The completely silent Led projector produces just a small amount of heat and it is ideal for sauna lighting.This set is suitable for illumination of a small sauna of approx. 2 sq.m. Not dimmable 230V / 1 W / 350 mA 3000 K / Ra >85 Projector rated IP55

A stove lens included S-Flex 1.5 fibres:
5 x 1.5 m
6 x 2.0 m
5 x 2.5 m
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1524010 VPL10-E161 5x1,5m / 6x2m / 5x2,5m @1,5mm sauna fiiberoptika 1W Led projektor IP55 Cariittitk204.000 244.80