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FBH026 FBH026 FBH026

The Latina FBH026 family
Latina is a recessed downlight for compact fluorescent PL-C lamps, with spring fasteners for easy and quick installation. Latina comes in ready-to-install kit versions, including lamps and pre-connected separate gearbox. The round models are available in glass versions (frosted glass or clear decorative glass) or in open versions. For the open versions, the same glass designs are available as accessories (to be ordered separately). The square versions are always with glass.

Type: FBH026
Light source: Compact fluorescent
Lamp included: Yes (K - lamp color 830 or 840)
Lamp position: Horizontal
Gear: Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Material: Body and gear box - metal Reflector - high-gloss anodized metal
Installation: Fixation by means of spring fasteners
Maintenance: Lamp access after opening glass cover

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
910503636618 *FBH026 2xPL-C/4P18W/840 K HF kandiline downlight hall klaasiga Philips tk39.00020.000 -49%24.00
910503636818 *FBH026 2xPL-C/4P26W/840 K HF kandiline downlight hall klaasiga Philipstk39.00020.000 -49%24.00