Halo-Pack 2 paanikavältimis valgusti

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Halo-Pack 2 paanikavältimis valgusti
Halo-Pack 2 paanikavältimis valgusti Halo-Pack 2 paanikavältimis valgusti

Halo-Pack 2 combines the latest in LED technology with an ultra-low profile, providing emergency lighting where aesthetics and reliability are of prime importance. Installation into an existing ceiling is fast and simple to complete. For retrofit and/or shallow ceiling applications an optional adapter plate is provided as standard.

• Suitable for both solid and exposed grid ceilings as the gear pod fits through the head unit installation aperture
• Adapter plate for retrofit and shallow ceiling applications
• Up to 50,000 hour life LED for reduced maintenance
• Low power consumption reducing cost of ownership
• Environmentally friendly NiMH battery Lamp Options
• 1 x high power 3W white LED Materials
• Luminaire head, remote gear and adaptor plate - polycarbonate and ABS blend
• Battery - NiMH

To specify: Flush mounted high performance self-contained LED emergency luminaire, retained in ceiling with spring fixing assembly. Battery and control gear to be mounted in remote pod. Installation is possible from below the ceiling line and the ability to be installed in solid and exposed grid ceilings, as JSB Halo-Pack 2, part no.

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HPLED3H HaloPack 2 süv. paanikavältimisvalgusti 3W 3h NM Eaton Coopertk52.60036.820 -30%44.18