Zetalite 3 turvavalgusti

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Zetalite 3 turvavalgusti
Zetalite 3 turvavalgusti

Zetalite 3 is the first LED luminaire designed specifically for optimal performance from an LED light source. The result is exceptional performance, stunning uniformity and low energy usage at a traditional 8W bulkhead price point.
Zetalite 3 is suitable for use as an escape route, open area anti-panic emergency lighting and external over door lighting to provide safe egress from buildings. In addition to emergency lighting, Zetalite 3 is also suitable for use as an exit sign with the application of the optional stick on legend kit.

• Versatile multi-functional use (escape, open area anti-panic and exit signage)
• Exit sign viewing distance of up to 20 metres
• IP65 ingress protection suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
• Low power consumption reducing cost of ownership
• Configurable as maintained or non-maintained operation
• 50,000 hour life LED (L80) for reduced maintenance
• One product fulfils all project needs
• “Honeycomb” drilling matrix on base to allow alignment with existing fixing points for ease of retro fit Lamp Options
• 12 x 0.25W white LED Power Consumption
• Maintained mode (link in) 5VA/4W • Non-maintained mode (link removed) 3.5VA/2.3W Materials
• Luminaire Body - flame retardant ABS
• Luminaire Lens - clear polycarbonate • Battery - NiCd

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
ZEL3ICEL *Zetalite 3 turvavalgusti M/NM 3h IP65 2,3W Eaton Coopertk26.00016.000 -38%19.20