Primos SGN DS turvavalgusti

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Primos SGN DS turvavalgusti
Primos SGN DS turvavalgusti
PRIMOS SGN is a low power surface mounted LED luminaire designed designed for emergency lighting. Its main task is to indicate escape routes by means of internally illuminated evacuation signs in ISO 7010 standard. Body/diffuser manufactured from high quality PC-ABS/PC material provides a large operating temperature range. PRIMOS SGN is compatible with all emergency lighting systems offered by HYBRYD, excluding ST. It is available as single sided for wall mounting or as double sided, intended for ceiling mounting. A variety of mounting kits is additionally available. 
Systems: AT, CT, CB, CBAM, LVAM 
Casing: Body material: PC/ABS blend Diffuser material: opal PC
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5901703097357 Primos SGN DS kahepoolne M AT 3J LED W13 1W 3h IP65 turvavalgusti Hybrydtk52.000 62.40