SafeLite SL30 turvavalgusti

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SafeLite SL30 turvavalgusti
SafeLite SL30 turvavalgusti SafeLite SL30 turvavalgusti SafeLite SL30 turvavalgusti
Safelite self-contained luminaires 
Compliant with EC standards All applications covered (Escape route, Anti-panic, Exit sign) One product throughout installation for same look and feel across the building Accessories available for a better integration in all buildings Easily installed as retro fit due to good performance ensuring scheme compliance 1h & 3h Duration Latest generation LEDs with high lumen/watt ratio 

Function - Use either as an emergency luminaire or exit sign 
Testing system - Stand Alone 
Housing - Polycarbonate, Glow wire test : 850°C, RAL9003 
Type of mounting - Surface 
Options : Recessed box for concrete, recessed base for ceiling, double sided diffuser, set of 3 adhesive exit legends (L, R, D) 
Terminals - up to 1x2,5 mm2 per connection
 Degree of protection - IP42/IK04 or IP65/IK07
 Operation Mode - Non Maintained or Maintained & Non Maintained mode selectable 
Connection voltage - 230V -/+ 5% [220V-240V] 50-60Hz 
Permissible ambient temperature: +5°C to +40°C
 Battery Ni-Cd Light source - LED strip 
 Viewing distance - 30m 
Insulation class - II 
Dimensions in mm - 371 x 170 x 62mm 
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
SL3CD SafeLite kahepoolne kuppel SL30 Cone Diffuser Eatontk14.40010.080 -30%12.10
SL3MNM42E1C3A Turvavalgusti SafeLite SL30 M/NM IP42 150lm 1h 30m Eatontk30.00021.000 -30%25.20
SL3MNM65E3C3A Turvavalgusti SafeLite SL30 M/NM IP65 150lm 3h 30m Eatontk36.00025.200 -30%30.24