RC065B moodulvalgusti 600x600

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RC065B moodulvalgusti 600x600
RC065B moodulvalgusti 600x600 RC065B moodulvalgusti 600x600
Philips Ledinaire panel RC065B 

Energy efficient, professional luminaire for general lighting applications. 

Accessories for plaster, surface-mounted and suspension available 
3200 lm light output 
4000 K version 
Modern, unobtrusive design 

Philips quality and reliability 
Energy saving Diffuse comfortable light
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
910930031018 RC125Z SMB W60L60 Pinnapealne paigalduskomplekt 600x600 Philipstk20.000 24.00
910930031318 RC125Z SMB-PLC kipslae klamber RC065 valgustile Philipstk3.200 3.84
910930031418 RC125Z SME-2 WH riputuskomplekt + rosett Philipstk29.000 34.80
911401884580 RC065B LED34S/840 PSU W60L60 OC 3400lm 34W L70B50 50kh UGR 19 Ledinaire Philipstk32.000 38.40
912401483245 *RC065B LED34S/840 PSU W60L60 NOC 3400lm 38W L70B50 50kh Ledinaire Philips tk30.000 36.00