Asymmetric Led

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Asymmetric Led
Asymmetric Led
Characterized by asymmetric light distribution, LED source luminaire is made of aluminum profile. 
ASYMMETRIC LED is perfect for illumination of blackboards, where designed reflector directs luminous flux directly on vertical surface. 
Materials: Powder painted aluminum profile (white colour in standard). Transparent diffuser matte on the edges. 
Installation: Surface mounted, suspended. 
Accessories: Suspensions (simple, electric) 
Power: 230 V
Length: 1260, 1540, 1820, 2100mm 
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
PX0919908 Asymmetric LED 33W 4000K 1260mm 4040lm tahvlivalgusti PXF Lightingtk116.000 139.20
PX0919922 Asymmetric LED 41W 4000K 1540mm 5050lm tahvlivalgusti PXF Lightingtk136.000 163.20
PX0919936 Asymmetric LED 48W 4000K 1820mm 6060lm tahvlivalgusti PXF Lightingtk149.500 179.40
PX0919950 Asymmetric LED 56W 4000K 2100mm 7070lm tahvlivalgusti PXF Lightingtk166.300 199.56