VIP Led profiilvalgusti 65x65mm

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VIP Led profiilvalgusti 65x65mm
A modern line of system luminaires made of aluminum profile with high resistance parameters. The direct (DI) lighting beam can be obtained by means of microprismatic diffuser. Thanks to the series of additional mounting accessories the luminaires can be easily mounted and offer many different universal configurations. 

Materials: Powder painted aluminum proflie (grey color in standard), OPAL or MPRM diffuser. 

Installation: Surface mounted, wall mounted, suspended. 

Accessories: Joints (linear, 90°, T, X, Y, wall, ceiling); suspensions (simple, electric), end caps. 

Application: offices, conference rooms, classrooms, receptions, waiting rooms.
Power: 230V, the quick-release 5-pole connection block allows to join the luminaires in line.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
PX0922164 VIP Led laekinniti 2tk komplekt PXF Lightingtk2.300 2.76
PX0922206 VIP Led seinakinniti 2tk komplekt PXF Lightingtk3.300 3.96
PX0922227 VIP ühendustükk otse PXFtk2.800 3.36
PX0922248 VIP Led 90 kraadi nurk PXF Lightingtk13.700 16.44
PX0922344 VIP Led otsakaas PC hall + logo PXF Lighting tk1.000 1.20
PX4070115 VIP Led 24W 875mm 3000K 2070lm MPRM valgusti PXF Lightingtk61.500 73.80
PX4070136 DALI VIP Led DALI 31W 1165mm 4000K 2820lm Opaal valgusti PXF Lightingtk92.000 110.40
PX4070143 VIP LED 38W 1455mm 3450lm 3000K Opal valgusti PXF Lightingtk74.000 88.80
PX4070157 VIP Led 44W 1745mm 3000K 4140lm Opal valgusti PXF Lightingtk88.000 105.60
PX4070164 VIP Led 44W 1745mm 4000K 4220lm Opal valgusti PXF Lightingtk88.000 105.60
PX4070164 DALI VIP Led DALI 44W 1745mm 4000K 4220lm Opal valgusti PXF Lightingtk108.000 129.60
PX4070222 DALI VIP Led DALI 24W 875mm 4000K 3130lm MPRM valgusti PXF Lightingtk77.000 92.40
PX4070229 VIP LED 31W 1165mm 3000K MPRM PXF Lightingtk69.000 82.80
PX4070229 DALI VIP LED 31W 1165mm 3000K MPRM DALI PXF Lightingtk83.800 100.56
PX4070236 VIP LED 31W 1165mm 4000K MPRM PXF Lightingtk59.500 71.40
PX4070243 VIP LED 38W 1455mm 3000K MPRM PXF Lightingtk66.667 80.00
PX4070243 DALI VIP LED 38W 1455mm 3000K MPRM DALI PXF Lightingtk98.000 117.60