Fortimo LED Panel G2 UGR<19

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Fortimo LED Panel G2 UGR<19
Fortimo LED Panel G2 UGR<19
The Fortimo LED Panels are designed to light up spaces in office and commercial buildings. With their ultra-slim
design they can be installed easily. 
The Fortimo panels offer an excellent performance (120 Lm/W at 4000K CRI80), reliability (50,000 hours) and quality of light. It’s designed to meet the standards for office lighting (UGR <19
possible). A wide range of choices in different sizes (60x60; 62x62; 30x120; 60x120) and color temperatures can be
combined with a wide choice of Xitanium drivers to perfectly match your application.

Key features and benefits
• Efficacy up to 121 lm/W on module level
• Ultra-slim LED module
• Excellent light uniformity
• Meeting office standards for low UGR
• Good quality of light (CRI >80)
• Available in 60x60 and 30x120
• High flexibility of lumen output due to wide driver choice
• 5 year system warranty
• Module is provided with integrated quick install connector

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
929001687706 Fortimo LED Panel 6060 830 MD2 595 x 595mm UGR<19 3220lm @800mA 28W Philipstk39.000 46.80
929001687806 Fortimo LED Panel 6060 840 MD2 595 x 595mm UGR<19 3400lm @800mA 28W Philipstk39.000 46.80
929002168206 Fortimo LED Panel 30120 830 MD2 300x1200mm UGR<19 3220lm @800mA 28W Philipstk50.000 60.00
929002168306 Fortimo LED Panel 30120 840 MD2 300x1200mm UGR<19 3400lm @800mA 28W Philipstk50.000 60.00