BVP110 prožektor 4200lm

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BVP110 prožektor 4200lm
BVP110 prožektor 4200lm BVP110 prožektor 4200lm BVP110 prožektor 4200lm
Product family information 
CoreLine tempo small is a highly efficient range of luminaires designed for 1:1 retrofit replacement of conventional technology, while retaining the same electrical installation and poles. It offers lower power consumption and requires less investment than conventional installations. A limited range of options makes it easy to find the best lux-for-lux replacement.The easy-to-install CoreLine tempo small offers a system flux that covers many different application areas and it comes with both high-performance asymmetrical and symmetrical optics. 

Features -  Highly efficient : up to 110 lm/W. Designed for 1:1 retrofit replacement of conventional technology up to 70W HID. Long lifetime of 50 000 hours (L80B10 at Ta 25°C). System flux : 4200lm. High-performance asymmetrical and symmetrical optics. External quick 3-pole IP68 connector. High surge protection : 10 kV. 

Applications:  Bilboards/advertising lighting. Landscape features. Security and amenity lighting. General lighting.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
911401555231 BVP110 LED42/NW ASY 4200lm 38W prožektor Philipstk128.000115.200 -10%138.24
911401555331 BVP110 LED42/NW SYM 4200lm 38W prožektor Philipstk128.000115.200 -10%138.24