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Aura Aura Aura Aura Aura Aura

Luxury indoor, ceiling and wall lighting fittings in the most modern design.

Advantages of the lighting fittings with the opal shade:

  • opal glass removes undesirable glare by the light source
  • matt surface of the glass ensures pleasant look
  • simple design is suitable into any premises - representative historical and modern facilities, cultural premises, rooms, halls, corridors, stairs, apartments
  • top quality opal glasses produced by Czech glassworks - hand made!

Technical description

  • Shade: TRIPLEX glass, opal matt.
  • Fixture: sheet steel, powder varnish, white color.
  • Shade attachment: with folding holders.
  • Mounting: to a ceiling or on a wall.
  • Applications: cultural premises, apartments, bureaus, sanitary installations, bathrooms
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
40000 AURA 1 220mm IP43 60W E27 IN-12K2/040 Osmont tk24.000 28.80
40005 *AURA 1 220mm IP43 60W E27 IN-12D2/040 Osmont tk15.700 18.84
40017 AURA 2 280mm IP43 100W E27 IN-12K52/042 Osmont tk28.800 34.56
40018 AURA 2 280mm IP43 2x60W E27 plafoon Osmont tk29.800 35.76
40028/40040 *AURA 2 280mm IP43 26W HF G24q3 E-16K52/042 Osmonttk43.500 52.20
40035 *AURA 2 280mm IP43 26W G24d3 IN-16D52/042 Osmonttk27.800 33.36
40055 AURA 3 350mm IP43 2x75W E27 IN-22K63/062 Osmont tk40.800 48.96
40059 *AURA 3 350mm IP43 2x18W HF G24q2 E-25K63/062 Osmont tk59.000 70.80
40086 AURA 4 420mm IP43 2x75W E27 IN-22K7/072 Osmont tk62.900 75.48
40088 AURA 4 420mm IP43 2x26W HF G24q-3 E-26K74/072 Osmont tk90.700 108.84
40095 AURA 5 490mm IP43 3x60W E27 IN-32K85/082 Osmonttk108.000 129.60
40097 *AURA 5 490mm IP43 2x36W HF 2G10 E-27K85/082 Osmont tk124.300 149.16
42400 AURA 9 590mm IP43 3x75W E27 Osmonttk188.200 225.84
42409 *AURA 9 590mm IP43 4x26/32W HF G24q-3 E-46K96/084 Osmonttk208.000 249.60
42702 AURA 6 60W E27 IP44 plafoon Osmont tk23.000 27.60
42708 AURA 8 300mm 100W E27 IP44 plafoon Osmont tk30.700 36.84