EXL210 LED Z2/Z21/Z22

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EXL210 LED Z2/Z21/Z22
EXL210 LED Z2/Z21/Z22
Explosionproof light fitting with LED modules. Designed to use in zones 21 & 2,22 of gas and steam of flammables liquids, as well as combustible dusts and fibers explosion hazard areas. Light fitting with ATEX certificate KDB 15ATEX0049X. 

Light source: LED modules
Protection class: I
IK: 10
Protection degree: IP66, IP67
CRI: >80
Power factor: >0,97
Long lifetime: >50 000 hours L70B10
Colour temperature: 4000K
Ambient temperature: od -40°C do +45°C

Housing: polycarbonate UV stabilized 
Diffuser: polycarbonate UV stabilized
Mounting tray: galvanized steel sheet, powder painted
Clamps: stainless steel

Light fitting for direct installation with use of brackets.

ELECTRICAL UNIT: Voltage: 230V, 0/50-60Hz
Terminal block: 3x2,5 mm2

CERTIFICATES: KDB 15ATEX0049X,  CNBOP No. 2608/2016, PZH certificate
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
31-210-06E200 EXL210LED-0600-E2-35E-33-11P20-PC-PC Z2/Z21/Z22 2482lm 21W plahvatuskindel valgusti ATM Lightingtk178.000 213.60
31-210-06E400 EXL210LED-0600-E4-35E-33-11P20-PC-PC Z2/Z21/Z22 4631lm 43W plahvatuskindel valgusti ATM Lightingtk225.000 270.00
31-210-12E400 EXL210LED-1200-E4-35E-33-11P20-PC-PC Z2/Z21/Z22 5550lm 47W plahvatuskindel valgusti ATM Lightingtk251.000 301.20
31-210-12E800 EXL210LED-1200-E8-35E-33-11P20-PC-PC Z2/Z21/Z22 8512lm 66W plahvatuskindel valgusti ATM Lightingtk379.000 454.80
31-210-15E600 EXL210LED-1500-E6-35E-33-11P20-PC-PC Z2/Z21/Z22 7031lm 60W plahvatuskindel valgusti ATM Lightingtk351.000 421.20