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BN124C BN124C BN124C BN124C
Coreline Batten BN124C 

The new CoreLine Batten range of LED products can be used to replace traditional battens with fluorescent lamps. The process of selecting, installing and maintaining is so easy – it’s a simple switch. 

• Up to 50% energy savings compared with TL-D 
• Reliable LED technology − maintenance- free 
• Direct replacement for conventional battens in terms of light performance, installation flexibility and length Features 
• Reliable integrated LED technology, ensuring maintenance-free installation and a long lifetime 
• Can be used to replace traditional 2x18W, 2x36W & 2x58W TL-D battens 
• Through-wiring standard included 
• Frosted diffuser ensures visual comfort 

• General area lighting 
• Cove lighting 
• Assembly lines
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
910503910277 *BN124C LED21S/840 PSU TW1 L600 2100lm L70B50 50kh Philipstk35.00026.250 -25%31.50
910503910278 *BN124C LED19S/830 PSU TW1 L600 1900lm L70B50 50kh Philipstk35.00026.250 -25%31.50
910503910279 *BN124C LED41S/840 PSU TW1 L1200 4100lm L70B50 50kh Philipstk50.50037.875 -25%45.45
910503910280 *BN124C LED38S/830 PSU TW1 L1200 3800lm L70B50 50kh Philipstk50.50037.875 -25%45.45
910503910281 *BN124C LED64S/840 PSU TW1 L1500 6400lm L70B50 50kh Philipstk62.00046.500 -25%55.80
910503910282 *BN124C LED60S/830 PSU TW1 L1500 6000lm L70B50 50kh Philipstk62.00046.500 -25%55.80