Velo Led IP20

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Velo Led IP20
New version of very popular Velo luminaire made for LEDs. 
Modification has been made with subtle aluminum profile instead of steel sheets and with adding the possibility for inline installation (only in OPAL version). Thanks to its shape VELO LED fits perfectly in corners and thus is great for illumination in corridors, staircases and other places with limited space. 
Note: Through wiring on request 

Materials: Electrostatically painted aluminum profile (standard color: grey), microprismatic diffuser (MPRM) made of PMMA or OPAL diffuser made of polycarbonate. 

Installation: Wall mounted, suspended. 
Accessories: Suspensions (simple PX0922143, electric PX0922021), linear joint, end caps. 
Power: 230 V
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
PX4022260 VELO otsakaas hall PXF Lightingtk3.000 3.60
PX4022736 DALI Velo LED DALI 38 W 4000K OPAL rippv. 4660 lm Grey 1455mm valgusti PXF Lightingtk85.000 102.00
PX4022820 Velo LED 24 W 4000K OPAL Wall mounted 2790 lm Grey 875mm valgusti PXF Lightingtk52.400 62.88
PX4022834 Velo LED 31 W 4000K OPAL Wall mounted 3720 lm Grey 1165mm valgusti PXF Lightingtk60.800 72.96
PX4022848 Velo LED 38 W 4000K OPAL Wall mounted 4660 lm Grey 1455mm valgusti PXF Lightingtk71.900 86.28
PX4022855 DALI Velo LED 44 W 3000K OPAL Wall mounted 5540 lm Grey 1745mm valgusti PXF Lightingtk95.200 114.24
PX4022862 Velo LED 44 W 4000K OPAL Wall mounted 5600 lm Grey 1745mm valgusti PXF Lightingtk80.900 97.08
PX4022862 DALI Velo LED DALI 44 W 4000K OPAL Wall mounted 5600 lm Grey 1745mm valgusti PXF Lightingtk107.000 128.40