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Product family details - Type SM060C 
Light source:  Non-replaceable and non-serviceable LED module 
Power 36 W 
Beam angle 2 x 54º = 108º 
Luminous flux 3200 lm 
Correlated Color Temperature:  4000 K (Neutral white) 
Color Rendering Index > 80 
Median useful life: L70B50 30,000 hours 
Average ambient temperature +25 ºC 
Operating temperature range +10 to +40 ºC 
Driver Built-in, non-replaceable and non-serviceable LED driver 
Mains voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz 
Material:  Painted steel Color White (RAL9003) 
Optical cover PMMA diffuser 
Connection:  Push-in connector with pull relief 
Installation:  Ceiling-mounted by two mounting brackets and plastic suspenders between brackets and luminaire 
Installation without removing lamp and cover 
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
911401842280 SM060C LED34S/840 PSU W20L120 OC 34W 3400lm L65B50 50kh UGR<19 valgusti Philips tk55.000 66.00
911401850680 SM060C LED34S/840 PSU W20L120 NOC 34W 3400lm L65B50 50kh valgusti Philips tk43.000 51.60