BN013C Ledinaire batten - raamvalgusti

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BN013C Ledinaire batten - raamvalgusti
BN013C Ledinaire batten - raamvalgusti
Ledinaire Batten
The Ledinaire range contains a selection of popular off-the-shelf LED luminaires that comes with the high Philips quality levels at a competitive price. Reliable, energy efficient and affordable – just what you need. 

• Philips quality and reliability
• Energy saving
• Compact design

• Integrated 
• Light line up to ten battens
• Mounting accessories included

• General lighting
• Storage rooms
• Cove lighting
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
911401835980 BN013C LED10S/840 L600 10W 1000lm L65 50kh valgusti Philipstk7.000 8.40
911401836180 BN013C LED15S/840 L900 15W 1500lm L65 50kh valgusti Philipstk9.000 10.80
911401836380 BN013C LED20S/840 L1200 20W 2000lm L65 50kh valgusti Philipstk10.000 12.00
911401836480 BN013C LED20S/830 L1200 20W 1900lm L65 50kh valgusti Philipstk10.000 12.00
911401836580 BN013C LED25S/840 L1500 24W 2500lm L65 50kh valgusti Philipstk14.000 16.80
911401836680 BN013C LED25S/830 L1500 24W 2350lm L65 50kh valgusti Philipstk14.000 16.80