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Nauto Led

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Nauto Led
Nauto Led

Round shaped ground recessed LED luminaire . It can be perfectly fitted in the floor and it is suitable for installations in traditional or in concrete surfaces, highlighting pathways and outlines, or creating light effects.

Its high protection rating IP68 makes it suitable for the illumination of swimming-pools, in permanent immersion up to 3 meters depth.

Versions with circuit board with: 4 leds - 0.5 Watt 10VDC Power Topled. 9 leds - 1,5 Watt 24VDC Power Topled.

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
IV1563180 Nauto 3 Led 3,6W Stainless steel Ivelatk55.70836.210 -35%43.45