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Recessed led luminaires. Suitable to highlight pathways and outlines, or to create light effects on building fronts.

Stilled, wall and walk-over ground version, both for indoor and for outdoor, can be perfectly fitted in any surface. They can include 3 led 3,6 Watt Golden Dragon®, 10 led 1,3 Watt 24VDC Power Topled.

Their high protection rating IP68 makes them suitable also for the illumination of swimming-pools or fountains, in permanent immersion up to 3 meters depth.

Frame and screws in stainless steel. Body and housing in high resistant technopolymer. Diffuser in opal, unbreakable and unalterable polycarbonate, resistant to loads up to 1000 Kg. Double gasket in EDPM. Double cable gland PG 7 for through-wiring

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
1534380 StillLens 3 Led 3,6W Sinine IVELAtk60.00039.000 -35%46.80