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Hole saws with variable pitched cutting teeth for less vibration, smoother cutting and less heat production during cutting. For drilling sheet metal, aluminium, plastic, wood, plywood, plastic boards, cutting depth 38 mm.
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19000900016/A1.320.000.016 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 16mm BOHRCRAFTtk4.083 4.90
19000900019/A1.320.000.019 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 19mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk4.333 5.20
19000900022/A1.320.000.022 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 22mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk4.667 5.60
19000900041/A1.320.000.041 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 41mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk6.000 7.20
19000900048/A1.320.000.048 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 48mm BOHRCRAFTtk7.333 8.80
19000900051/A1.320.000.051 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 51mm BOHRCRAFTtk7.500 9.00
19000900052/A1.320.000.052 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 52mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk7.667 9.20
19000900060/A1.320.000.060 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 60mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk8.750 10.50
19000900065 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 65mm BOHRCRAFTtk9.167 11.00
19000900068/A1.320.000.068 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 68mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk9.917 11.90
19000900070/A1.320.000.070 *Augusaag bi-metall HSS 70mm BOHRCRAFTtk10.583 12.70
19000900092/A1.320.000.092 *Augusaag bi-metal HSS 92mm BOHRCRAFTtk13.500 16.20
19100900011/A1.320.300.095 Augufreesi saba SW9,5 14-30mm tsentripuuriga BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk6.000 7.20
19110300001/A1.320.100.080 *Tsentripuur augusae sabale HSS 6,35x104 BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk2.667 3.20