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Solid Twist drills with extended shank and special tip. 12 mm drills and bigger dimensions with open flute for better chip removal. Designed for drilling inner and outer covering boards in one operation; also for beams, hardboard etc. Accident-danger at freerunning drills. Place drill to the work-piece before switching on the machine.
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A1.350.060.400 Saalungipuur 6x400mm KEILtk7.500 9.00
A1.350.060.600 Saalungipuur 6x600mm KEILtk7.500 9.00
A1.350.080.400 Saalungipuur 8x400mm KEILtk6.833 8.20
A1.350.120.600 Saalungipuur 12x600mm KEILtk10.000 12.00
A1.350.140.400 Saalungipuur 14x400mm KEILtk10.500 12.60
A1.350.140.600 Saalungipuur 14x600mm KEILtk10.833 13.00
A1.350.160.600 Saalungipuur 16x600mm KEILtk13.000 15.60
A1.350.180.400 Saalungipuur 18x400mm KEILtk17.000 20.40
A1.350.200.400 Saalungipuur 20x400mm KEILtk19.083 22.90
A1.350.200.600 Saalungipuur 20x600mm KEILtk20.000 24.00
A1.350.220.400 Saalungipuur 22x400mm KEILtk22.000 26.40
A1.350.220.600 Saalungipuur 22x600mm KEILtk24.000 28.80
A1.350.240.400 Saalungipuur 24x400mm KEILtk26.667 32.00
A1.350.240.600 Saalungipuur 24x600mm KEILtk30.000 36.00
A1.350.260.400 Saalungipuur 26x400mm KEILtk31.667 38.00
A1.350.280.400 Saalungipuur 28x400mm KEILtk37.500 45.00
A1.350.300.400 Saalungipuur 30x400mm KEILtk45.833 55.00
BC31200700860/A1.350.080.600 Saalungipuur 8x600mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk6.583 7.90
BC31200701040/A1.350.100.400 Saalungipuur 10x400mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk7.667 9.20
BC31200701060/A1.350.100.600 Saalungipuur 10x600mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk8.000 9.60
BC31200701240/A1.350.120.400 Saalungipuur 12x400mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk9.167 11.00
BC31200701640/A1.350.160.400 Saalungipuur 16x400mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk12.250 14.70
BC31200701860/A1.350.180.600 Saalungipuur 18x600mm BOHRCRAFT/KEILtk17.917 21.50