902202 TwistCut kaablikoorija

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902202 TwistCut kaablikoorija
 For corrugated pipes with Ø of 13 - 32 mm
For cutting empty or ready-assembled corrugated pipes to length
Application in the electrical and construction trades and for plumbing work
Recessed blades prevent injuries
Exact, flush cut, without damaging the internal cables
Cut on the outside of fluting – no sharp raw edge inside the corrugated pipe
Fast and reliable work
Simple insertion of the corrugated pipe for reliable and simple cutting: no waste
In the case of thick-walled corrugated pipes, reapply after the circular cut just behind the cut, and break off the corrugated pipe
Slim and ergonomically shaped for work in poorly accessible areas
Double-sided guide for a precise cut
Body made of stable polyamide compound plastic
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