L & P Floor stands

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L & P Floor stands
L & P Floor stands
Floor stands L or P should be attached to back panel of heater. Wall brackets should be removed before attaching floor stands. Stands could be fixed to floor or not, if heater is intended to use as portable. 

Floor stands L suitable for: panel heaters ADAX series VL9, CLEA CL, NEO NL panel heaters 

Floor stands P suitable for: panel heaters ADAX series VP10, VP11, VP9, CLEA CP, NEO NP panel heaters
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
914010 P radiaatori jalad VP10, VP11, VP9, Clea CP, Neo NP seeria radikatele Adaxtk22.50021.375 -5%25.65
914011 L radiaatori jalad VL9, Clea CL, Neo NL seeria radikatele Adaxtk19.20018.240 -5%21.89