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Infrared heater CIR 

For applications where discreet design and operation is desired. 

CIR provide comfort all year around on terraces, balconies and open-air restaurants. Requires no protection against bad weather and has five-year corrosion warranty. 

CIR is discreet with its slim design and silent, invisible operation and needs little space to fit in.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
CIR10521 Kiirgur CIR 10521 500W 230V IP24 710x44x94mm FRICOtk85.99277.392 -10%92.87
CIR11521 Kiirgur CIR 11521 1500W 230V IP24 1755x44x94mm FRICOtk135.750122.175 -10%146.61
CIR12021 Kiirgur CIR 12021 2000W 230V IP24 2180x44x94mm FRICOtk164.042147.637 -10%177.17
CIR21021 Kiirgur CIR 21021 nöörlülitiga 1000W 230V IP24 1250x44x94mm FRICO tk133.592120.233 -10%144.28
CIR22031 Kiirgur CIR 22031 nöörlülitiga 2000W 400V IP24 2180x44x94mm FRICO tk193.450174.105 -10%208.93
INC10E/CIR11021 Kiirgur CIR 11021 1000W 230V IP24 1250x44x94mm FRICOtk115.200103.680 -10%124.42