Elpe õliradiaator Digi IP44 300mm

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Elpe õliradiaator Digi IP44 300mm
Elpe õliradiaator Digi IP44 300mm Elpe õliradiaator Digi IP44 300mm
Electric oil heaters with a digital controller

Electric radiator with a modern digital controller, filled with special mineral heating oil.
The tight construction (IP44 protection degree) allows to use the device in rooms with increased humidity (e.g. bathroom).
The high-quality controller provides functions that meet the requirements of the “eco-design” directive for local room radiators, as well as safety and efficiency improvement functions.
Digital controller functions:
 – weekly time programmer function
 – open window detection function
 – adaptive start function.
 – TURBO function (the so-called fast heating)
 – NIGHT function (temperature reduction at night)
– radiator surface temperature limitation function
 – CHILD function (protection against child burning).
The radiator is flat, light and snow-white. It works quietly, it is odourless, and it does not dry air and burn dust. It is ideal in rooms for children, allergy sufferers and sick people. The radiator is equipped with a set of feet that allows for placing it anywhere, and a set of hangers for hanging on the wall. 
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
1382.044 Õliradiaator liist DIGI termostaadiga 600W 1140x300mm IP44 Elpetk109.00098.100 -10%117.72
1383.044 Õliradiaator liist DIGI termostaadiga 400W 900x300mm IP44 Elpetk97.00087.300 -10%104.76
1387.044 Õliradiaator liist DIGI termostaadiga 800W 1380x300mm IP44 Elpetk116.000104.400 -10%125.28