FIT 3 termostaat

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FIT 3 termostaat
FIT controller – ideal energy saver for all heating systems 
Building owners, developers and renovators are constantly looking for ways of conserving energy – and saving money. For this reason we extended our product range with the addition of the FIT programmable thermostat for individual room temperature control. 
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
FIT3F Digitaalne põrandakütte termostaat (taustavalgus)16(4)A 230V süv. EBERLEtk73.367 88.04
FIT3L-BLAU Digitaalne ruumitermostaat+põranda temp piiraja (sinine taustavalgus)10(4)A 230V süv. EBERLEtk83.333 100.00
FIT3R Digitaalne ruumitermostaat (taustavalgus)10(4)A 230V süv. EBERLEtk61.408 73.69