HKT käteräti kuivatustoru

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HKT käteräti kuivatustoru
HKT käteräti kuivatustoru HKT käteräti kuivatustoru
Would you like to have always warm and dry towels with lowest possible costs? This is possible with ADAX towel dryers, which dries towels, clothes and etc., by using as much energy as normal light bulb and also they fit every interior. Usually towel dryers are mounted in bathrooms, but they can be placed in other room also. Towel dryer are produced in models: 2 and 3 wing, white color. 

Both models are universal and suited to be installed with connection to either the right or left side. Both models my be swung out by using two wall fastenings, but may be also fixed using three wall fastenings. 

Maximum surface temperature 60°C, degree of protection IP44. Supplied with twisted cable and plug. 5 year warranty.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
232512 HKT 142 WS 45W 55x42cm käteräti kuivatustoru lülitiga valge Adaxtk51.00048.450 -5%58.14
232522 HKT 163 WS 65W 55x62cm käteräti kuivatustoru lülitiga valge Adaxtk59.00056.050 -5%67.26