TKH jalatsikuivatus rest

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TKH jalatsikuivatus rest
TKH jalatsikuivatus rest
Easy, quick and reasonable drying of footwear and clothes. 
Withstands being completely covered. 
On/off switch and tough powder-coated surface. 
The ADAX TKH drying rack may be swung up against the wall. 
Comes in two lengths: 80 W is 87 cm and 110 W is 117 cm. 
Easy to install. 
Supplied with cable and plug. 
5 year warranty.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
TKH208 Jalatsikuivatuse rest 80W 87 x 27.3cm toitekaabliga Adaxtk45.00042.750 -5%51.30
TKH211 Jalatsikuivatuse rest 110W 117 x 27.3cm toitekaabliga Adaxtk48.00045.600 -5%54.72