XPJ-HF Dca halogeenivaba kaabel

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XPJ-HF Dca halogeenivaba kaabel
Application Halogen free and flame retardant cable. Smoke generation in the event of fire is small, transparent (to facilitate evacuation) and not harmful to electronic equipment. For fixed surface or flush-mounted installations, indoors and outdoors. Suitable for installation in a slot covered with plaster. Not for installation directly in ground or directly in concrete without protective ducting. Cable needs protection from direct sunlight. Core insulation should be protected from direct UV radiation, which may occur inside lighting for example.

SS 424 02 19-5: Construction standard
IEC 61034: Smoke density
EN 50267-2-2: Corrosive gases
IEC 60332-1-2 Vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable
IEC 60332-3
HD 60364-5-52: Selection and erection of electrical equipment. Wiring systems.

Cable Shape: Round
Conductors Solid Conductor Insulation XLPE
Marking of cores
Color Outer Sheath White halogen free polymer
Maximum operating Temperature 70
Temparatures at installation [°C] -15°C

UV resistance: No
Electrical Max. short circuit temperature [°C] 250
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
XPJ-HF-2X1,5 XPJ-HF Dca 2X1,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba R100Mm0.6670.533 -20%0.64
XPJ-HF-3G1,5 XPJ-HF Dca 3G1,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba R100Mm0.9500.760 -20%0.91
XPJ-HF-3G2,5 XPJ-HF Dca 3G2,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba R100Mm1.3751.100 -20%1.32
XPJ-HF-3G4 XPJ-HF Dca 3G4mm² kaabel halogeenivaba m2.4251.940 -20%2.33
XPJ-HF-3G6 XPJ-HF Dca 3G6mm² kaabel halogeenivaba m3.5752.860 -20%3.43
XPJ-HF-3X1,5 XPJ-HF Dca 3X1,5mm² kaabel koro-ta halogeenivaba R100Mm1.1000.880 -20%1.06
XPJ-HF-4G1,5 XPJ-HF Dca 4G1,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba R100Mm1.2581.007 -20%1.21
XPJ-HF-4G2,5 XPJ-HF Dca 4G2,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba R100Mm1.5501.240 -20%1.49
XPJ-HF-5G1,5 XPJ-HF Dca 5G1,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba R100Mm1.3751.100 -20%1.32
XPJ-HF-5G10 XPJ-HF Dca 5G10mm² kaabel halogeenivaba m7.1005.680 -20%6.82
XPJ-HF-5G2,5 XPJ-HF Dca 5G2,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba R100Mm2.0501.640 -20%1.97
XPJ-HF-5G4 XPJ-HF Dca 5G4mm² kaabel halogeenivaba m4.0083.207 -20%3.85
XPJ-HF-5G6 XPJ-HF Dca 5G6mm² kaabel halogeenivaba m4.8003.840 -20%4.61