EXQ Easy Dca halogeenivaba kaabel

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EXQ Easy Dca halogeenivaba kaabel
The cable is a halogen free, XLPE-insulated and HFFR-sheathed house wiring cable with circular, solid copper conductors. The cable is designed according to SS 424 02 19-5 in applicated parts. The conductors have resistance and number of wires according to EN 60228 class 1. The cores are identified by colours according to HD 308. The sheath is marked: EXQ EASY / HXJ EASY size/ NEXANS GS /year+month/ metre marking. The cable meets meets the requirements for fire classification according to CPR Dcas2d2a2 and have protection against exposure of UVlight according to HD 626 S1 part 2.5.1. The conductor insulation shall be protected against UV light that can occur for example in light fixtures and light signs. The cable is certified by Intertek SEMKO.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
EXQ 3G1,5 EXQ-EASY Dca 3G1,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba Nexansm0.800 0.96
EXQ 3G2,5 EXQ-EASY Dca 3G2,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba Nexansm1.100 1.32
EXQ 4G1,5 EXQ-EASY Dca 4G1,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba Nexansm1.000 1.20
EXQ 4G2,5 EXQ-EASY Dca 4G2,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba Nexansm1.450 1.74
EXQ 5G1,5 EXQ-EASY Dca 5G1,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba Nexansm1.150 1.38
EXQ 5G2,5 EXQ-EASY Dca 5G2,5mm² kaabel halogeenivaba Nexansm1.900 2.28