FM-0H-SMART Dca kõrikaabel 750N

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FM-0H-SMART Dca kõrikaabel 750N
Recommended application:
Installation on plastering
In floors
In dry concrete
In keramzite concrete

Time saving (no pulling of cables into conduits required)
Cost saving (less man-hours required for the work)
Halogen-free material for conduits and cables
The gliding inner layer allows quick and easy addition of wires or cables also after installation
Due to better heat exchange, more load can be applied to the wires
Technical information:

Wires: 3x1.5mm2; 4x1.5mm2; 3x2.5mm2; 5x1.5mm2; 5x2.5 mm2, etc.
Cables: 3x1.5mm2; 3x2.5mm2; 5x1.5mm2; 5x2.5 mm2; 
Easy identification of wires due to the colour coding according to the European standard
Temperature resistance of the conduit: from -25°C to +105°C
Available sizes: 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm
Available in rolls of 100m
SMART PRE-WIRED are conduits with pre wired power or telecommunication cables or wires. The installation of the conduits is much quicker and simpler because cables are already pre wired at the factory and do not need to be pulled on-site. This reduces the total costs of installation. Due to the halogen-free material, SMART PRE-WIRED are suitable for installations in public buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, theatres, cinemas, museums, stadiums, arenas, shopping-centres, airports, railway terminals, office buildings. Due to the fire-safety requirements for protection against smoke, halogen-free conduits are also recommended for use in multi-apartment buildings. The SMART conduits are manufactured in compliance with standards EN 61386-22; EN 50267-2-2; EN 61034-2; EN 60332-1-2, and EN 60332-1-3.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
EVOELH07Z1-U3G1,5 Kõrikaabel H07Z1-U 3G1,5/16mm 750N Dca halogeenivaba EVOEL SMART R100m100m128.000108.800 -15%130.56
EVOELH07Z1-U3G2,5 Kõrikaabel H07Z1-U 3G2,5/16mm 750N Dca halogeenivaba EVOEL SMART R100m100m176.000149.600 -15%179.52
EVOELH07Z1-U5G1,5 Kõrikaabel H07Z1-U 5G1,5/16mm 750N Dca halogeenivaba EVOEL SMART R100m100m141.000119.850 -15%143.82
EVOELH07Z1-U5G2,5 Kõrikaabel H07Z1-U 5G2,5/25mm 750N Dca halogeenivaba EVOEL SMART R100m100m216.000183.600 -15%220.32