YSLY (ÖPVC) kontrollkaabel

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YSLY (ÖPVC) kontrollkaabel

conductor material: bare copper
conductor construction: fine stranded, class 5
insulation: PVC TI1
stranding unit: core
sheathing material: PVC TM2
colour of outer sheath: gray RAL 7001
flame retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1
maximum temperature at conductor: 70 °C
max. operating temperature, fixed: -40 - +70 °C
temperature, moved/during installation: -5 - +70 °C
bending radius, fixed installation: 4 x DA
bending radius, moved application: 15 x DA

nominal voltage Uo: 300V
nominal voltage U: 500 V
test voltage: 2 kV

Application: Flexible power, process control and instrumentation cable for industry and mechanical engeneering. The cable is resistant against most usual chemicals, oil and grease.

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
ÖPVC 12x0.75 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 12x0,75mm² kontrollkaabelm2.000 2.40
ÖPVC 12x1,5 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 12x1,5mm² kontrollkaabelm3.000 3.60
ÖPVC 2x0,75 ÖPVC-OZ / YSLY-OZ 2x0,75mm² kontrollkaabelm0.400 0.48
ÖPVC 2x1,0 ÖPVCOJZ / YSLY-OZ 2x1mm² kontrollkaabelm0.500 0.60
ÖPVC 2x1,5 ÖPVC-OZ / YSLY-OZ 2x1,5mm² kontrollkaabelm0.650 0.78
ÖPVC 3x0,75 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 3x0,75mm² kontrollkaabelm0.500 0.60
ÖPVC 3x1,0 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 3x1mm² kontrollkaabelm0.600 0.72
ÖPVC 3x1,5 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 3x1,5mm² kontrollkaabelm0.800 0.96
ÖPVC 4x0,75 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 4x0,75mm² kontrollkaabelm0.650 0.78
ÖPVC 4x1,5 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 4x1,5mm² kontrollkaabelm1.000 1.20
ÖPVC 5x0,75 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 5x0,75mm² kontrollkaabelm0.700 0.84
ÖPVC 5x1,5 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 5x1,5mm² kontrollkaabelm1.300 1.56
ÖPVC 7x0,75 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 7x0,75mm² kontrollkaabelm1.100 1.32
ÖPVC 7x1,5 ÖPVC-JZ / YSLY-JZ 7x1,5mm² kontrollkaabelm1.800 2.16