HO7RN-F 450/700V kummikaabel

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HO7RN-F 450/700V kummikaabel
Cable symbol explanation: H07RN-F - cable manufactured according to harmonized standard (H) for voltage 450/700V (07) in EPR rubber insulation (R) and chloroprene rubber sheath (N) with flexible copper multi-wire conductors (F) 
Conductors: copper, multi-wire, class 5 
Insulation: EPR rubber 
Sheath: Chloroprene rubber 
Insulation colours: 2-core: blue, brown 3-core: green and yellow, blue, brown 4-core: green and yellow, brown, black, grey 5-core: green and yellow, blue, brown, black, grey 
Operating temperatuure: -25°C to +60°C 
Nominal voltage: 450/700V 
Application: cables are intended for supplying power to movable and portable electrical recievers operating in households and industrial buildings in moderate climate.

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
H07RNF 3x1,5 NKU Kummikaabel HO7RN-F 3x1,5mm² 450/700Vm1.000 1.20
H07RNF 3x2,5 NKU Kummikaabel HO7RN-F 3x2,5mm² 450/700Vm1.500 1.80
H07RNF 5x10 NKU Kummikaabel HO7RN-F 5x10mm² 450/700Vm8.000 9.60
H07RNF 5x2,5 NKU Kummikaabel HO7RN-F 5x2,5mm² 450/700Vm2.300 2.76
H07RNF 5x4 NKU Kummikaabel HO7RN-F 5x4mm² 450/700Vm3.750 4.50
H07RNF 5x6 NKU Kummikaabel HO7RN-F 5x6mm² 450/700Vm4.583 5.50