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XPUJ (XPJ-BLACK) is intended to use for fixed surface or flush-mounted installations, indoors, outdoors and in ground. Cable does not need protection from direct sunlight. Core inslulation should be protected from direct UV radiation, which may occur inside lighting for example.
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XPUJ-3G1,5LaoseisKaabel XPUJ 3G1,5mm² MUST 300/500V R100m 0.68 0.82
XPUJ-3G2,5LaoseisKaabel XPUJ 3G2,5mm² MUST 300/500V R100m 1.28 1.54
XPUJ-5G1,5LaoseisKaabel XPUJ 5G1,5mm² MUST 300/500V R100m 1.17 1.40
XPUJ-5G2,5LaoseisKaabel XPUJ 5G2,5mm² MUST 300/500V R100m 1.83 2.20