Semoflex PVC/PUR spiraalkaabel

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Semoflex PVC/PUR spiraalkaabel
Conductor: plain copper, fine stranded according to
VDE 0295 class 5
Insulation: PVC Y12 according to DIN VDE 0207 part 4
Core colour: according to VDE 0293 - 308 : 2003 with
green-yellow earth conductor
Core arrangement: cores twisted around with concentric
Sheath: polyurethane, 11YM1, oil resistant
Sheath colour: black, white, orange and yellow, other
colours on request
Imprint: without imprint
Maximum temperature: -5°C up to +80°C

in case of 20°C
Nominal voltage: 300/500V
Test voltage: core/core 2.000V
Conductor resistance: according to VDE 0295 class 5
Insulation resistance: > 20 MOhm x km
Spiral length: up to 3.000mm
Extended length: up to 4 times spiral length
Straight ends: standard ends 200/200mm
straight ends are available up to 25 meters
standard: axial ends, other solutions upon request
Oil resistance: according to DIN VDE 0472 part 803,
test type B
- a production is possible from 1 piece
- this type is available with individual customer`s
- UV resistant as far as possible
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
252000004 Spiraalkaabel 3x0,75mm² 1500/6000mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk38.000 45.60
252000038 Spiraalkaabel 4x0,75mm² 1500/6000mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk45.000 54.00
252000061 Spiraalkaabel 5x0,75mm² 1500/6000mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk52.000 62.40
252000082 Spiraalkaabel 5x0,75mm² 1200/4800mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk44.000 52.80
252000214 Spiraalkaabel 12x1,0mm² 1500/6000mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk107.500 129.00
252000284 Spiraalkaabel 3x0,75mm² 1200/4800mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk30.000 36.00
252000345 Spiraalkaabel 12x1,0mm² 800/32000mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk68.333 82.00
252000440 Spiraalkaabel 7x0,75mm² 1500/6000mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk75.000 90.00
252000450 Spiraalkaabel 5x0,75mm² 800/3200mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk32.000 38.40
252000539 Spiraalkaabel 3x0,75mm² 800/3200mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk22.000 26.40
252000600 Spiraalkaabel 4x0,75mm² 1200/4800mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk38.000 45.60
252000710 Spiraalkaabel 7x0,75mm² 800/3200mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk45.000 54.00
252001113 Spiraalkaabel 4x0,75mm² 800/3200mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk26.000 31.20
252001191 Spiraalkaabel 7x0,75mm² 1200/4800mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk60.000 72.00
252001258 Spiraalkaabel 12x1,0mm² 1200/48000mm must PVC/PUR Semoflextk102.925 123.51